Customer Rights

Roberts Paint & Body

Customer Rights

At Roberts we are concerned about our customers because they are the reason we are in business. Our customers deserve special attention and we do our best to see that they get what they need and are satisfied with the service that we provide. We are licensed and insured which will give you peace of mind. We accept damage claims from ALL insurance companies.

We have listed below some useful things all our customers should know.


  1. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the collision shop of your choice. Your insurance company may suggest or recommend shops, however the choice is ultimately up to the consumer.
  2. You do not have to accept the lowest bid on your job. Collision shops should be writing a complete estimate of repairs needed, not leaving out areas to become the lowest bid. There is no law that requires you to get two estimates to satisfy an insurance company.
  3. A professional collision repair facility will negotiate prices, items to repair and the quality of parts used for you. Do not settle with an insurance company before having your vehicle inspected by a professional collision repair facility as it may disqualify you from receiving additional compensation if there is hidden damage.
  4. You have the right to receive all damaged parts back if you wish(or view all discarded ones if too large.)
  5. You have a right to know if your insurance company is ordering the shop to use OEM parts, aftermarket parts or salvage. The kind of parts used should be clearly noted on the estimate and explained to you by your estimator or adjuster.
    1. OEM: genuine factory parts
    2. Aftermarket parts: new, not manufactured by the original car maker
    3. Salvage: recycled parts from other vehicles
  6. Insurance “direct repair” or “preferred” programs only guarantee that shops provide minimum industry standards. For example, measurable frame equipment, a single state certified mechanic, welding equipment, a one year guarantee. Sometimes these ‘preferred” programs require a shop to provide discounts to the insurance company for referrals. Direct repair programs should benefit you the consumer.